Fashion Brands Killing it with Motion

Fashion Brands Killing it with Motion 10

From haute couture to the high-street, fashion brands are absolutely killing it with motion. 


The pandemic caused a shift in brands looking to digitalise. With ‘in real life’ off the table, brands had to think creatively. In between the zoom memes, banana bread recipes and frantically googling how to keep a sourdough starter alive, we noticed a wave of fashion brands increasingly turning to motion to showcase their latest products.

IRL is Cancelled

The beauty of motion is that it can communicate powerful ideas in a succinct way. It grabs our attention and delivers information quickly, satisfying our super short attention spans. In a fast-paced world where we consume a high volume of content, effective communication is every brand’s dream. 

The fashion industry is renowned for being forward-thinking and innovative. So when the pandemic hit and restrictions were imposed, the industry was one of the fastest to adapt. Brands amped up their efforts on social channels to push online sales. Fashion shows went virtual. 

Another positive of motion design is that it doesn’t rely on a big team of people. And of course, it doesn’t rely on face to face interaction. Think of the amount of crew working behind the scenes to deliver a photoshoot: photographer, photographer’s assistants, stylist, art director, make-up artist and hair stylist, models, and more. In comparison, a piece of impactful motion design can be created by just a few people. And importantly during times of uncertainty and restrictions – could be produced remotely. 

Stand Out Content 

In the world of social media, video content is king. (For more on this check out our recent blog which unpacks why algorithms can’t get enough of video). Videos have the potential to go viral easily thanks to TikTok and Instagram Reels. High street giant Zara went viral after they posted an illusionary video that depicts a wave of colourful balls sloshing through their New York store. The CGI animation was created by Shane Fu and accumulated 17m views overnight.

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Amplify Brand Personality

Videos have the ability to unpack lifestyle in a succinct way. This is great for high-end fashion brands who like to position themselves as more than just a clothing choice. In an industry built on portraying an abstract idea such as fashion, motion is the perfect tool for transforming static elements such as items of clothing into immersive experiences .

Unlike a video made from captured footage, using motion has the potential to move away from the real world and show the world through the brand’s eyes. Luxury fashion brand Hermes uses motion here to dial up their brand personality. Taking the iconic orange box as the focal point, this turns away from the vague lifestyle imagery synonymous with haute couture. Instead, this playful piece of motion design gives the brand a contemporary energy. 

Fashion Brands Killing it with Motion 2

Highlight Craftsmanship and Process

Fashion brands like to highlight the craftsmanship and process behind their products as it helps to boost perceived value. Cap company New Era uses motion here to highlight the detail that goes into the weave of every one of their caps. According to Managing Director Tim Bolderson: “Customers are increasingly interested in the weave of fabrics, the quality of the materials, and what that means when they are wearing it – be it breathability, comfort, style, warmth and so on.” However some of the unique details aren’t necessarily easy to understand without seeing how the product was made. That’s where motion steps up.

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Fashion Brands Killing it with Motion 1

To Hero the Product 

Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe has a reputation for well-made clothing and leather accessories. Under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, the brand has rejuvenated their commitment to craftsmanship through modern designs and refined manufacturing. Placing emphasis on the quality of the product, Loewe utilise motion graphics on their current homepage design, which launches their new ‘Luna’ bag and shows a 3D render spinning across the site. A bold move for a bold new bag.

Fashion Brands Killing it with Motion 3

To Go Against the Grain 

Similarly, Naarm-based jewellery company Sacreflux have opted for motion graphics across their site. Shunning away from showing jewellery on a model is unusual in the industry. For this reason it allows Sacreflux to position themselves as left-field. This works with their branding to enforce a rebellious streak: jewellery with a difference.

Fashion Brands Killing it with Motion 5

So there you have it. Have you seen any great examples of fashion brands killing it with motion? If so hit us up on Twitter and let us know.