We're Yatta, a motion studio with a passion for animated content and simple storytelling.

We began Yatta with a single vision: make motion that matters. Having spent over 10 years designing brands and digital products at Fiasco Design, motion and animated content became a staple part of our process and output as a studio.

With a childlike love of the craft and desire to bring meaningful motion to the stories brands want to tell, Yatta was born to house this growing animation talent, allowing us to dedicate ourselves to doing one thing well.

It’s an exciting time for brands to cut through the noise with animated content. The possibilities are endless.

We believe in the power of motion to bring brands to life. Built on a decade of brand building experience, we’re taking everything we know and throwing the magic of movement into the mix.

Small and flexible enough to work as an extension of a design team; experienced and robust enough to work directly with brands, we’re set up to act as a partner to our clients no matter who they are.

Our Manifesto.

  • Nothing but the best will do.Bring our A-game, every game.
  • Everything with attitude.Personality in all that we do.
  • Stay curious.Inspired designers make inspirational work.
  • Enjoy the journey.Taking time to celebrate small wins - every "we did it" along the way.
  • Keep it real.Honest and open, what you see is what you get.
Motion Folks 2

We began Motion Folks with a simple mantra in mind; ‘If it doesn’t exist, build it’. Our aim was to offer a creative space for the local motion and animation community to gather, grab a beer and get inspired.

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