Yatta’s tribute to football in the suburbs

A Tribute to Football in the Suburbs

With the 2022 World Cup on the horizon, we thought it’d be fun to turn the camera to where it begins for so many footballers; the backyard.

This animated short was in honour to those using wheelie bins for goalposts. Losing balls on garage roofs. Playing headers and volleys way past bedtime. Suburban stadiums and cul-de-sac training grounds. To those simply enjoying a beautiful game.

Planning the Infinite Loop

The intention was to hide an array of sneaky Easter Eggs and fun animated moments within each street scene. Creating an infinite loop would allow viewers to spot something new with each watch.

Adding Some Character

There’s a little bit of us within each project – literally. Acting out scenes to use as reference material is a great way to find nuance and character within each movement.



Ben Marsh

Jordan Pledge


Adam Legg

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