Promoting QR scan & shop at The Conran Shop

QR Scan & Shop

The Conran Shop is renowned for its iconic designs and future classics. With a new shop opening in Japan, they wanted to promote a new QR scan and shop service. 

The talented Dan Woodger was bought on board to thread an element of fun into the service through his characterful illustrations. We were tasked with bringing Dan’s work to life via a playful, in-store video which stayed true to his unique aesthetic.

Promoting QR scan & shop at The Conran Shop Japan

Adapting Animation to the Illustration Style

Working with a new illustrator raises fun and exciting problems to solve. How should things move? Should animation be smooth, or a little choppy? How can the motion reflect the nature of the artwork? It’s the kind of questions we love to explore.

A little look at the animation process



Dan Woodger



Dan Woodger


Dan Woodger


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