Motion Folks: Our Second Event

Motion Folks: Event #2

The second Motion Folks event was a blast!


Thank you so much for sharing an evening of inspiration with us.
A massive thank you to our speakers weareseventeen‘s Jason Drew and Gary Roberts, Shirley Wang, Found‘s Laurence Mencé and Clayton Welham and Dan Woodger.

We talked about whether Ai could hack it as an intern. We discussed how to use your past experience as your super power. We discovered how GTA Vice City inspired Dan’s world building. And finally Found showed us that if you can inject personality into a pair of tweezers, you can inject personality into anything!

Motion Folks: Event #2 10

A massive thanks again for coming along. And we appreciate everyone who took the time to give us feedback. We’ll be sure to grab a bigger screen for the next event! More details shortly…
Until next time